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BanksyDog Pet Supplies & DIY Dog Wash
BanksyDog Pet Supplies & DIY Dog Wash

Do it yourself dog wash &

Healthy Dog Foods 

and pet supplies


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Dirty dog? Visit us for the best self wash experience in Vegas, and maybe the world. B.Y.O.D.(Bring your own dog) and we will provide all the towels, shampoos and brushes at no extra cost.
We offer one time bookings and monthly subscriptions.
We also sell cool dog stuff! 
BanksyDog Pet Supplies & DIY Dog Wash - Las Vegas

DIY Dogwash
for only $13.99
per month! 

Book A Pro Grooming Session


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Pawsitive Reviews

“My dog-o's know the word "Banksy" as in when I ask, 'Do you want to go to Banksy?!' they both go running to the door. They love it!" 

Taylor Marshall

“My dog Charlie hates water, but I don't have anywhere to wash him myself at home. He doesn't mind if I give him a bath and BanksyDog is the perfect solution!”

May Treese

“Thank god I can just walk in and out of this place. They have everything I need and I don't have to clean up the huge mess bathing my dog at home creates!.”

Andy Summers

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